A conceptual description of Normalization techniques.

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“Data” is at the core of every software application. Hence, the success and usability of any software are highly dependent on how the data has been organized. There can be multiple ways to organize data depending upon the type of business use cases that the software is dealing with. E.g most transactional applications or OLTP applications use “normalized” data structures to store data. Before going into details of Normalization, let's understand the concept of OLTP.

OLTP or Online Transactional Processing refers to the support and handling of “transactions”. Imagine you go to an online book store for shopping. You select…

Understanding the Suite...

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PowerBI is a Business Intelligence platform from Microsoft which provides interactive visualization capabilities enabling users to create their own reports and dashboards in a very simple and intuitive way. It's a collection of apps and services that helps in importing, preparing, aggregating, and presenting data in a meaningful way. Gartner.com has recognized Microsoft as the leading vendor in Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platform for 12 consecutive years.

A guide for building Intuition for scalable system design

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Imagine that you are the owner of a grocery store. You have one billing counter. Customers come into your store, pick stuff and get in line at this billing counter to pay. You have an employee named John, behind the billing counter taking care of customers. John is a happy-go-lucky person who welcomes each customer with a smile and strikes small conversations with them while billing. John takes his own sweet time when the number of customers in the store is less. There is not much rush in the queue and nobody complains. …

One of the most crucial business configurations in any PV Safety system is the configuration of Products and Licenses. This article explains the basic concepts of this configuration taking Oracle’s Argus Safety as an example Safety system.


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A PV company is in the business of manufacturing and selling medicinal products. A product can be of 3 types: Drug, Vaccine, or Device (e.g Syringe, Pacemaker). A product belongs to a Product family. Each product within a product family shares the same key ingredient but can have a different concentration for the key ingredient. …

Simplifying the jargon around APIs

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This article talks about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Today, APIs are at the very center of modern software development. They are becoming so common that phrases like “Hey! Use an API for this” or “There is already an API” are frequently used in conversations of software people. In fact, the lingo around APIs has started to be used in common day language as well. But there are times when “not-so-tech-savvy” people may find it difficult to wrap their heads around these terms. …

Playing with Git

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“There is no such thing as Truth. Everyone has his own version of it”

Have you ever saved your files with date-time stamps in file names? I guess most of us have done it to save a version of our existing files. This is required when we have certain changes to be done but we want to keep a history of original contents as well. At any point in time, if you want to go back to original contents, you can go back. Also, you may want to keep a note of why the current changes are done.

e.g I…

My experience as a parent of a lovely kid who happens to be in the spectrum!

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I am a parent of a 9-year-old autistic kid. For me, like many other parents, Autism has been an arduous journey going through countless diagnoses, therapy sessions, multiple interactions with special education teachers, formation and implementation of Individual Education Plans(IEPs), and days/nights filled with exhaustion, despair, and glimmers of hope.

In this article, I wish to share my experience with the education of my son who is in the Autistic Spectrum. The ideas and thoughts shared here are focused on the role of a shadow teacher for assistance in special education of autistic kids. I am sharing what I have…

The real meaning behind Measures of Central Tendency and Measures of Spread

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Let's do a think-experiment. Imagine that the world around you just froze. Nothing is changing. Everything is on a standstill. Is there anything, that is meaningful? Anything you can learn? Nothing. A stopped world is equivalent to a no world! The world exists because it “changes”. Rotations and revolutions of planets, the evolution of species, economic growth or decline, population mechanics, rise and fall of stock markets……..there is a notion of “change” at the heart of just every phenomenon.

And if you take a big leap of generalization, you can see that all human knowledge is about the recognition, understanding…

Understanding the intuition behind Logarithm Transformation and its use in Machine Learning

A Logarithmic Spiral (Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NautilusCutawayLogarithmicSpiral.jpg)

Science is the study of nature and a lot of scientific endeavors are about studying and measuring changes that occur in nature. We use numbers to express these measurements. If you think about “changes”, they can be only of two types — either a quantity increases (grows)or decreases(decays). The fundamental ways to capture these changes are the basic arithmetic operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Linear Growth or Decay

e.g Let's say a person is pushing a block with a force of 10 Newtons. Another person joins him and starts pushing the block, in the same direction, with a force of 5 Newtons…

The art of viewing data thoughtfully…

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The human brain is wired to process visual data very rapidly. A large amount of its energy is devoted to visual processing. This is probably an evolutionary trait that has helped humans to survive in early age hostile surroundings. During those times, quickly noticing even a small movement, recognizing animal footprints, and correctly interpreting danger signs often played a crucial role in saving one’s life.

This explains the reason why we are better at perceiving data when presented in visual forms (charts, graphs, etc) rather than in raw format (tabular). We have a tendency to better identify patterns or trends…

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